Lifestyle trends of 2019

2019 was a year for Health, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Wellness. One couldn’t agree that more seeing the top items that made to the list of “The Popular Lifestyle trends of the year”. The buzz you must have been intrigued with, followed or tried, but not missed to notice. In case you have, let’s look at what 2019 brought to us, and get ready to expect nothing less than more thrilling 2020.

  • Cauliflower craze: Bon Apetit with Cauliflower; the most common Cauliflower vegetable suddenly became the buzz in the health industry.  Everything you love can be made with cauliflower today. The favorite vegetable replaced rice, flour, pizza crust, and other simple carbs, then eventually Mashed Cauliflower is born like mashed potatoes.
  • Home workout: The simple idea of watching a workout routine on your TV and following along was never new, though the idea is totally reimagined in 2019. Cutting down the costume drama and travel, home workout sessions are now the smart one’s choice. Live stream workout routines from your favorite celebrity trainers or download hundreds of them for later use. No time for the gym is not an excuse that will be approved anymore.
  • Air Frying: Our love for fried food never goes away how much ever you try, neither the extra calories, which is why we are grateful for 2019 to introduce us to the Air fryer. This sassy kitchen appliance helps you fry or cook anything you want with hot air and with little to no oil.
  • Intermittent Fasting: Don’t Skip breakfast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day are the mantras of the past. 2019 exempts the old and gold advice and introduced Intermittent fasting. The dieting technique becomes so famous this year that it breaks your day into two windows; A fasting window and an eating window. This 16:8 rule of eating not only claims to help in weight loss but also good for your gut and microbiome.
  • Guided Meditation: Meditation and its benefits are known to all but understood by few and done correctly by fewer. This year we lightened the idea with many guided meditation apps and hmm… there seem no hard rules for mediation. Headspace and other apps become incredibly famous among the millennials and others in the technology industry.
  • Vitamins as Gummies: Taking health supplements is not a well-known choice for us all until recently when all the necessary vitamins are packed as gummy candies. 2019 offered adult vitamin gummies in the market now you can just pop a shot of vitamins, melatonin or biotin on the go.

Change is the only thing that doesn’t change. Newyear means new ideas, new inventions and a whole new life with much more potential and possibilities. Never hold yourself back from trying new things and immerse yourself with new experiences. Wish you a very Happy 2020.

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